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Game Discussion and Questions / Re: Combat System
« on: January 26, 2014, 09:44:00 PM »
I'm guessing it's going to be very much like Runescape 2's hit-and-wait based combat system.
From the Trailer it seems that way.

I find this to be a good thing. The simplicity of it makes the game charming.

Game Discussion and Questions / Re: Auction House
« on: January 26, 2014, 09:38:00 PM »
I'm against having an auction house. Many people will abuse this system, especially large clans. Take RuneScape's Grand Exchange for example. Merchanting clans buy out a few items to make their prices rise. They dump the items once they reach their peak, or whoever grows impatient first. This will cause havoc on the game's economy, just like it currently is on RS. Even World of Warcraft has this problem. The only way this system can work properly if it's monitored and has restrictions, which in my opinion, would be a waste of time and bad for the game overall. The developers could spend their time on more important things and restrictions aren't fun, they ruin the game's immersion.

I suggest creating a few worlds/servers that are specifically for buying/selling items, merchant worlds so to speak. These world's would have a unique map where players may trade without restrictions and set up their player-owned stands (concept). The player-owned stands feature would benefit players who don't want to wait around for their items to sell. They can simply set one up and leave the world, or log off completely. The purpose of this would be that players would have to socially interact and/or search for the items they need. This would effectively cut down on the players that buy an unreasonable amount of items just to manipulate and profit off of them. Now, to make trading/searching a smooth process.. the map could have specific locations where specific types of items could be sold. A lumberyard area to sell wood, a harbor to sell food, etc.

Note: I have nothing against players who wish to merchant. I only fear that  players will take advantage of an automated system, such as an auction house, and ruin the experience for everyone else.

Just my 2 cents.

Feel free to criticize.

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