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Suggestions - What are we open to?
« on: June 24, 2013, 06:09:38 PM »
Hi there!

If you've read our news post "What is Thornefall" then you probably have a loose idea on how much control you actually have regarding content that goes into the game, and ultimately the content you play as a player.

This thread should clarify the types of suggestions we're looking for and the types we aren't. So lets get to it!

Big changes
While we are letting players shape the game, these will be the main areas where we have to draw the line.

Suggestions that interfere with the fundamental mechanics or overall design of the game will still be considered but have a much lower chance of approval.

Some examples of these suggestions:
  • Switching from click based movement to WASD
  • "Overhauls" like core changes to PvP (unless the community proves it is a broken system)
  • Making parts of the game easier after players have already invested time into those areas
  • Graphics overhauls (our style is flexible but don't ask us to look like Skyrim)

Content changes
Now for the fun part, content suggestions! This is where we want you to let your imagination run wild!

Some examples of these suggestions:
  • Designing entire areas with some custom sub-lore (provided it isn't too demanding, we have other things on our plate!)
  • Quest suggestions/story development ideas
  • Skills
  • Submit your own music or melody you think could be used with our own music created in-house
  • Transportation
  • PvP tweaks

and so on.

Hopefully this thread has given you an idea on what we're looking for! Good luck!

Remember these were just examples, if you're unsure about something go ahead and post it :)

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