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My Thread of Suggestions
« on: January 26, 2014, 11:33:27 AM »
This is my thread of suggestions for Thornefall, I'm really excited about this game and would certainly like to help out with my ideas.
So I'll be posting ideas I have on this thread. :)

None of these suggestions are guaranteed to make it into the game, they're just player made suggestions (By myself) for the developers of Thornefall.


Chats, Clans and Parties
This will be a simple chat system based to allow one player to create their own chat room in which other players can join whenever they wish. This will add much more to the social aspect of the game and allow the community to bond much more and find new friends through popular player's chats.

As in most games Clans exist, this will allow groups of players to interact and team up against other clans etc.
Different 'battle' systems could be implemented such as a Clan war in which a clan member of a specific rank can invite a certain amount of players from their clan to queue in a Clan war battle, these battles would be instanced etc. I will add more later on about Clan warring later on.

Parties would be used to allow players to group quest and enjoy group bossing sharing loot and fight their way through instanced dungeons together and share loot and XP.

Achievement Items
For example a cape, this would be achieved for such things as achieving the maxed level of a skill, getting 'X' amount of kills in a Minigame or during PvP.

The Dungeon
Dungeons will allow players to fight their way through intense dungeon battles and face-up to difficult boss battles at the end of such dungeon. Dungeons can be a great method of gaining XP through the use of combat and skills.
Each dungeon will be instanced so players can either Solo dungeons or with a party of friends or players similar to their level.

Dungeon Queuing
A queuing system which matches players up with other players of a similar level to battle through Dungeons together.

Clan Warring
This allows groups of players in the same clan to battle against other clans in a large arena.
A clan member of a specific rank can initiate a sub-party to invite a certain amount of clan members (Dependant on which battle they select... 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 20v20 etc) once the number of members are met the clan war will initiate in an all out battle to the death although it's not all about combat! Players with high skill levels will be able to build forts and increase the forts defence dependent on the players level in say for example 'Construction'...

The aim of Clan wars is to capture the other clans banner and return it to their base.
This will be a safe Minigame thus no items will be lost upon death.

In-game Auctions House
Today's gamers don't want to bother with yelling "Selling armour, 5000 Coins".
People want to be able to go straight to one place in which they can put their items in and basically trade with every player around the world. This maybe a large development task and I certainly don't know how it will work in the early economy of the game as the economy of games in their early stages can be very fragile.

To be honest I'm not too bothered with standing for a while and selling my items to players directly although this could be a big put off for the game. It needs to be easily accessible and I guess it will be a main 'Hub' for most players.
Almost all of today's MMO's have Auction House systems as it just allows the game to move faster I think everyone can remember a time when they've been trying to directly sell items to a player and they've been unable to, it's just frustrating for you especially if you've made a large investment in getting those items in the first place.
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Re: My Thread of Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2014, 11:33:49 AM »

Forum Software
So as many of you may have noticed the forum seems to be getting spammed with spam bots, they don't seem to be posting much but from today at least 5 of the accounts that have been registered are certainly made by bots intended to spam the forums with their advertisements.

So I saw a post from one of the developers that was posted a while back that they wanted to move the forums as this SMF forum is only temporary, I waned to recommend 'Xenforo' forum Software. It's pretty new and receiving some excellent updates and is rather cheap for the quality of forum software you receive. Of course this requires money and a bit of time to set it up with the theme that you want which I highly suggest using the theme that these forums use as it's insanely great!

Leader boards
This is probably already planned but anyhow, competitive game-play is certainly required as you know not many people will want to play if they can't compete with their friends.
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Re: My Thread of Suggestions
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2014, 11:34:10 AM »

Donations and Crowd-Funding

This is a game with magnificent potential and I think crowd-funding is an excellent way to build hype for a game and of course get the funding you need to improve the games potential, I would certainly be one to back a crowd-funding campaign.

I recommend the use of Kickstarter or if the developers are unable to create a Kickstarter campaign due to location then Indiegogo is probably the 2nd most popular Crowd-funding website.

Crowd funding is excellent for games like this although you need to be able to show a lot of content that would interest people to want to back the project and another thing you need to add to a campaign would be to add excellent rewards for backing the project.

$1 - A big thank you for supporting the development of our game and a badge on the website/forums.
$5 - In-game cosmetic cape displaying you backed the development of the game.
$40 - Years worth of premium subscription to the game.
$1000 - Life-time premium subscription to the game... etc.
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Re: My Thread of Suggestions
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2014, 11:34:34 AM »