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Author Topic: Looks very similar to RuneScape - You think Jagex could go lawly against this?  (Read 3738 times)


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Hello, I'm new here and looking forward to this project for a while.
The game immediately reminded me on RuneScape and now I know what the creator meant by "but we were disappointed to see where some of our favorite games were heading." So, my question was: Do you think that Jagex could lawly go against it. Of course, none of Jagex's content has been taken out but what you think? Would Jagex still do something against this?



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Bold colored objects and click based movement are probably the only similarities. Both existing in other games (TF2, Diablo) and are not unique to RuneScape.  All assets are ours and we were after a simplistic art style from the start. We can understand how it might seem a little 'too' similar... but there are only so many ways to make a brick wall, for example.  We're attempting to differentiate in every way we can in our next batch of updates.

We have no plans to clone any existing games. We are influenced by our positive experiences with games we've played in the past, though.